Tokyo restaurants that offer Fukushima delicacies

I want many people to eat Fukushima’s exquisite food!

Fukushima’s vegetables, fruits, rice, sake, fish, and meat-When you eat them,
the words “So tasty!” can’t help but to slip from between your lips.
There are many restaurants in Tokyo in which you can enjoy Fukushima’s exquisite offerings.
We want many people to know why Fukushima’s ingredients are used
and how they started their restaurants
-we want them to know more about it and want them to enjoy the food.
Through this site, we truly hope that many people will become more connected with Fukushima.


Full of affection for his hometown Fukushima and his mother
Owner of Sakedokoro Mishirazu: Nobuhiko Yamada

He quit his office job to start a restaurant for offering Aizu home cooking and cuisine in front of Shimbashi Station.

Since the owner is from a university rowing boat club, he is well built and in good shape. He is quiet and might even seem somewhat boorish-the home-made cookery offered by this man is Aizu home cooking and cuisine that his mother has been making since his childhood.
Kujira-jiru (a dish of simmered salted whale fat), bodara-no-nitsuke (dried codfish cooked in soy sauce), pickled herring, kozuyu (a dish of local Japanese food from Aizu eaten on auspicious occasions), and horsemeat sashimi. Although he says, “this are the only cooking that I know,” the fact that he purchases ingredients from Aizu and named his restaurant after highly ranked persimmons made in Aizu stems from a passion for Aizu and gratitude for his mother’s home-made cookery.

  • 日本橋ふくしま館 MIDETTE
  • ふくしまプライド

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