Tokyo restaurants that offer Fukushima delicacies

I want many people to eat Fukushima’s exquisite food!

Fukushima’s vegetables, fruits, rice, sake, fish, and meat-When you eat them,
the words “So tasty!” can’t help but to slip from between your lips.
There are many restaurants in Tokyo in which you can enjoy Fukushima’s exquisite offerings.
We want many people to know why Fukushima’s ingredients are used
and how they started their restaurants
-we want them to know more about it and want them to enjoy the food.
Through this site, we truly hope that many people will become more connected with Fukushima.


Former sake making craftsman from Daishichi Sake Brewery fascinated by Shirakawa Kogen Seiryu Pork
Owner of Musshu Mizuki: Keita Nakagawa

There are few people who have ever learned about Shirakawa Kogen Seiryu Pork, which has been certified as a Shirakawa City agricultural product brand. Once customers eat this Pork, though, they will find its chewy texture irresistible.

For a certain period, he engaged in creating Japanese sake while serving as a sake making craftsman from Daishichi Sake Brewery in Nihonmatsu City. Using this connection, he paid attention to ingredients within Fukushima and encountered Shirakawa Kogen Seiryu Pork in Shirakawa City. He admires and respects the passion and craftsmanship of the producer.

  • 日本橋ふくしま館 MIDETTE
  • ふくしまプライド

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